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Free software for citizen participation

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Who is using CONSUL?

It's time for smart cities

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It's free software

Which means you're totally free to install, use, modify and do whatever you want with this tool, without paying anything for it.

Ready for what you need

You can customize the application with your image and styles and easily configure it to suit what you need. Its responsive design allows to use it on web browsers, tablets and smartphones.

And we help you to use it

We help you to get it started from the first minute, so there is no technical, organizational or legal difficulty that causes you problems.

Screenshot of CONSUL's homepage implemented in the city of Madrid.
Screenshot of CONSUL's homepage implemented in the city of Madrid.



Anyone can open threads on any subject, creating separate spaces where people can discuss the proposed topic. Debates are valued by everybody, to highlight the most important issues.

  • Limitless discussions and comments, with ratings and collapsible elements for easy reading.
  • Categories, labels, geographical location, trends and smart filters.
  • Simple to use for anyone, without losing power and intelligence.
Section debates
Section proposals


A space for everyone to create a citizens' proposal and seek supports. Proposals which reach to enough supports will be voted and so, together we can decide the issues that matter to us.

  • Users verification system to avoid duplicate votes.
  • Feature to include support signatures collected in paper.
  • Advanced notification system, to enable authors to promote their proposals.
  • Includes comments section.

Participatory budgeting

Participatory budgets allow citizens to propose and decide directly how to spend part of the budget, with monitoring and rigorous evaluation of proposals by the institution. Maximum effectiveness and control with satisfaction for everyone.

  • Advanced interface for complex evaluation of proposals with minimal resources.
  • Easily configurable process phases.
  • Advanced vote system of multiple proposals.
  • Independent budget allocations for districts/neighborhoods.
Section participatory budgets
Voting page


Secure voting system for citizen proposals and enquiries from the institution. Everyone can decide easily on the most important issues from their phones.

  • Users verification system to avoid duplicate votes.
  • Participation delimitable to specific districts/neighborhoods.
  • Advanced system to establish physical points of voting, with traditional booths or digital voting system.

Collaborative Legislation

Any legislative text can be shared with the public to receive comments on any particular part of it. The comments are associated with the discussed parts using a color code, which allows an easy visualization of improvable parts. It also enables the creation of related debates previous to the text drafting, for better subsequent development.

  • Associable comments from words to whole sections.
  • Color system graded by number of comments for easy monitoring them.
  • Widely configurable previous discussions.
An example of collaborative legislation
Vote on remodeling Plaza España

Sectoral Processes

Advanced Section to develop complex processes of participation as urban developments, highly complex normative or processes that require a specific set of participation phases.

  • Maximum possibility of defining each of the phases of the processes to fit each specific need.
  • Wide variety of voting and questions systems.
  • Option to include designs and graphic material (e.g. urban redesigns, open competitions, etc.)

More features

Many more features, and continuously developing software to add any functionality you find useful.

Administration Panel

Advanced internal administration for easy monitoring of all processes.


Multilingual platform. Include new languages ​​easily.

Information Pages

Advanced Statistics, both public and internal processes. Information pages for all processes.

Advanced system roles

Define multiple types of users with different access to tool (e.g. administrators, moderators, evaluators, officials, etc.)

Who is using CONSUL?

There are currrently many cities and organizations using CONSUL as a tool for participation.

City of Palma de Mallorca
City of Rivas-Vaciamadrid
City of San Sebastián de los Reyes
City of Sitges
City of Talamanca del Jarama